Welcome to the Information Website for the Wells Fargo Financial Advisor Trainee Settlement in Williams et al. v. Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

This website contains important information about settlement of the class action case Williams et al. v. Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC Financial Advisor (“FA”) Trainees sued Wells Fargo for failing to pay wages owed, including overtime, and requiring FA Trainees to agree to pay up to $55,500 in purported “training costs.” Wells Fargo agreed to settle the claims for a class of FA Trainees.

The Court granted final approval of the Settlement at the Fairness Hearing held on Friday Friday, December 1st at 10:00 a.m. in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois in Everett McKinley Dirksen United States Courthouse, 219 S. Dearborn, Courtroom 1419, Chicago, Illinois 60604 before the Honorable John J. Tharp, Jr. Please return to this website in January for updates on the administration of the settlement and be sure to keep the Settlement Administrator informed of any address changes.

If the Settlement is approved, class members will receive a check for their share of a $3.5 million Settlement Fund and will be relieved of any obligation to pay “training costs.” Class members do not need to take any action to receive a check of at least $100, but can submit a Claim Form requesting additional money for costs paid or incurred as a result of Wells Fargo’s attempts to enforce the training costs agreement.

This website summarizes information in the Notice you may have received, which you should review carefully. If you would like to view the Notice, click here.

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For a copy of the Settlement Agreement and other important documents, click here.

If you have questions, you may contact the Settlement Administrator at the number below or the lawyers appointed by the Court to represent the class:

Suzanne E. Bish
George S. Robot
Stowell & Friedman, Ltd.
J. Bryan Wood
The Wood Law Office, LLC

Important Dates

  • November 6, 2017
    Deadline for optional Training Cost Claim Form and supporting documents to be received
  • November 6, 2017
    Deadline for objections to be received
  • November 6, 2017
    Deadline for your exclusion from the Settlement to be received
  • December 1, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. CST
    Fairness Hearing